Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Breaking away from tradition and seeing each other before the ceremony is becoming more and more popular. Some couples find the idea of a First Look intimidating, so I want to share some of the inspiration behind it. I came up with a list of 3 reasons why I’m a fan of first looks:

1) MORE TIME. Having a first look allows for more time to take portraits during the wedding day. You can schedule as much time as you want. The more time for portraits, the more images you’ll receive later- always a plus! People also tend to feel more natural in front of the camera when they’re not being rushed. And when there is a beautiful white dress and a couple on the happiest day of their lives, I could shoot for hours!

2) RELAXED SCHEDULE. Having a first look also means having a more relaxed schedule. When couple, wedding party and family portraits are finished before the ceremony, it frees up time later. There is usually less of a time crunch, which means more time for spending with guests or just relaxing!

3) CALMED NERVES. Most couples say that having a first look calms their nerves. As soon as you see each other, excitement will fill the space of any nerves and you can soak in the moment before you walk down the aisle. You get to spend time all to yourselves to just breathe and be happy.

Although I know it’s not for everyone, I just wanted to explain why I think first looks are a great addition to the wedding day! And it’s amazing when you get to see this reaction:

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