Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I live for natural lighting. Okay, that might be exaggerating, but I really love it. Natural light gives the most beautiful, even tones. It’s also the most flattering when it comes to portraits. Which is why I prefer to work outdoors. Of course there are indoor receptions and rainy days that make exceptions. On these occasions I find windows or use a flash. But I've found natural lighting to be my best friend. Here are my top 3 reasons why:

1. True colors. Natural light gives you the truest colors, which means a whole lot less editing later. And stunning images.

2. Even light. The sun gives bright, even light, whereas flash tends to be very harsh. High end flashes are good at imitating natural light, but nothing beats the real thing.

3. Creamy skin tones. It is so much easier to get smooth, creamy skin tones using natural light.

I shoot under any lighting condition, so I'm not trying to convince anyone to have an outdoor wedding. Especially if it's 150 degrees outside. I just wanted to share my obsession with natural light. And now you know why I love it so much!

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